Whats with the name?

We were name concepting, and mispronounced the word “happy” in another language. The phonetic sound was Hoorooh, and it became our battlecry to increase the world’s happiness using our digital expertise.

Recent Work

Camp Woodward

Brand Portal Site

Fear Not Agency


Spartan Race

Spartan.com website updates

Our brand experience includes projects for:

Adidas Golf, Aspen Snowmass, Audi, Callaway Golf, El Tesoro Tequilla, Epic Mix, First Bank, Jackson Hole, MuseStudio.com, Revelstoke, Roth Distributing, Sauza, Snow.com, Spartan Race, Taylormade Golf, Telluride, The North Face, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Vail Resorts.

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Why we build

  • digital strategy
  • product strategy
  • content strategy
  • customer journey

UX/UI design

User centric

  • custom high end experiences
  • UX design and prototyping
  • UI design and brand application


Technology agnostic

  • custom user interaction
  • innovative frameworks
  • scaleable and maintainable code

Digital Consulting

C-Suite digital leadership & services

  • technical consulting
  • digital leadership
  • project management


User Focused. Team Powered.

1. Learn

Knowing the customer isn't just our business, its our passion. We'll have ongoing conversations with you and your cusotmers. We'll do the same workouts, eat the same foods, recreate the same problems, so we know how to solve them.

2. Design

Design is collaborative Hoorooh, not done by one designer in a stall, but by bringing the expertise off all team members to the table to get things done faster and better. Lets spend more time in code and less in documentation that eventually no one will look at again.

3. Build

We use the term AgileFall. We have the ability to be nimble and pivot when it’s the right thing to do. But we know there ARE promises made and delivery dates to be hit. We’ll collaborate on the project in an orderly fashion that allows us to launch on time and on budget.

4. Listen, Optimize, and Iterate

A project doesn't end once its launched. That's just the beginning. We'll listen for cues from our users to understand how to make our products better. We'll work with you, help build your team or any combination in between that helps you optimize the experience.

a little note about our office


No matching chairs.

We don’t have matching chairs. Matching chairs don’t help with registrations. They don’t help your customer engage with you. They don’t make your users more HAPPY. So we don’t have them. Your money doesn’t go to matching chairs.

Instead it goes into talent and technology. It goes into hours, days, and years of hard work and expertise that we bring to the table, to help your customers, and ultimately you, achieve your goals in the digital space…

…And we have fun while we do it.


Chris Cruz

Co-Founder Head of Strategy and Project Management


Denny Cunningham

Co-Founder / Head of Development


Rich Bowen

Partner Head of UX Strategy and Design


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